Unoffical Japanese Documentation and Sample of Transceternal Esoteric Programming Language

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Unofficial website about Transceternal programming language (mainly written in Japanese, work in progress)

Install Transceternal

Transceternal can be downloaded from author’s GitHub repository

$ git clone --depth 1
$ cd esolangs
$ yarn install

To run the interpreter:

(write program into program.txt)
(write initial arguments into input.txt)
$ touch output.txt
$ node transceternal program.txt input.txt output.txt
$ cat output.txt

Language Description

For detailed explanation, see the official website. This section summarizes the language specification.

Transceternal is “graph-rewriting paradigm programming language”. This means all program-related ones including source code, arguments, output are treated unitedly as graph structure.

the overview of the graph is as follows: (work in progress, I should translate into English):


cat command

On the official website, cat program is written as follows:


An another cat program can be written with 3 bytes:


An approach to shorten transceternal program

This instruction uses cat as an example:

Step 1: Write down all restrictions which should be followed

This can be created with just two nodes.

Step 2: Write down the program

Step 3: Consider whether last several bytes can be omitted

By omitting tail, the nodes’ pointer points to themselves.


The 4th byte means that 1-pointer of b is also b, and 5th byte means that 1-pointer of a is also a. These two bytes can be omitted as follows:


This gets 3-byte cat command.



Feedback and Contribution

Feedbacks, questions, contributions are always welcome, for example by creating issues, sending pull/merge requests, or find me at Fediverse or at Twitter @_hiromi_mi.